Design Ideas

Some of my projects gave birth to small but unique design ideas, simplifying the schematics or containing a true innovation. Here you'll find a collection of such ideas to share, ideas that I did not consider worth patenting or protecting. I have gotten so much, why shouldn't I give "back" something to the community?
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Error compensation improves bipolar-current sinks
Describes a method how to improve bipolar pass transistor current sinks (or sources). Just by adding two 1% resistors the base current induced error can be reduced by two orders of magnitude, in an already simple circuit.

EDN magazine, July 6, 2006:


Some magazines have very strict publication rules. They very often require that ideas presented as unique are NOT published before. Therefore I cannot reveal here more about these ideas than their titles. Most of them are still in the drawer waiting for some spare time to get published. This list is far from complete.

Low Power Precision Isolated Zero Crossing Detector
A high quality and lower power mains zero crossing circuit. Features a very accurate mains zero crossing detection, fully isolated and low voltage safe output together with ultra-low power consumption; worst case power dissipation is < 120mW   
"Double Bootstrap" ™
Describes a simple but efficient methow how to ensure full rail-to-rail swing in an complementary class-AB MOSFET voltage follower, without the need for additional power supply rails.
Simple Bridge Sensor Amplifier and Driver
Describes a simple fully differential preamplifier for any wheatstone-type sensors (as pressure-, force- , hall-, and GMR-sensors) with independently adjustable offset and gain. The circuit additinally provides the sensor exitation voltage. Only two amps and 5 non-mathced resistors are needed.

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I hereby reserve all rights to the design ideas presented on this site. I am not knowingly violating any copyrights or patents - nor deliberately offending other people by presenting these ideas as my own. 

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