Welcome to DEXTREL - DeGo's Extreme Electronics Lab

"The future does not exist - 
we must invent it"

- unknown brainy realist
My objective is to provide electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists with some tidbits of useful information. I want to share some of the simpler but serious non-commercial Do-It-Yourself projects that I have designed & built during my active hobbyist years. Remember when swapping ideas you always gain something - swapping items - you won't!!
If a new project origins from a REAL need to solve a REAL problem, then it usually gives great satisfaction (in any hobby). In such a case a factory-built device either did not exist, was way too expensive, or just out of reach for any other reason. Some of my projects gave birth to small unique design ideas, simplifying the schematics or containing a true innovation. Here you'll find a collection of such ideas to share, ideas that I did not consider worth patenting or protecting. I have gotten so much, why shouldn't I give "back" something to the community?!
Here you'll find a small collection if hard-to-get schematics that I have collected, to be able to perform service on electronic equipment. Please note that these might be protected by copyrights, and shall not be used to violate any third party rights.

I cannot guarantee that the data presented on this web site is completely correct - even if I strongly believe so. Neither will I assume ANY liabilities in using the information contained herein, nor am I responsible for injury or losses of any kind that might follow by using the information, ideas or instructions presented here. Please read the complete disclaimer by clicking here
Click here to learn more about me. This site (www.dextrel.net) was originally published for the first time in December 2004. This site is built using the same principle as Rome - in other words - come back later to have another look...
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have found any errors in the material presented here that should be corrected. Comments and suggestions are also welcome. I will respond within a reasonable time. Comments about the look & feel and about spelling mistakes are probably ignored - I'm not a HTML-freak and my mother tongue is not English. But as long I can make myself understood I'm satisfied.